Drum up support for your bingo game with Allied raffle boxes

6 09 2012

Whether you’re new to the beautiful game of bingo or a long-standing professional, Allied Bingo Supplies has all the products and equipment you need. Our team can educate you on the rules, help you set up a new game, and even assist in training your staff on the use of electronic equipment such as bingo machines.

Choosing raffle boxes

Raffle boxes are a key component of any bingo game. The Allied catalog carries a selection of models, with a total of eight sizes available. Each is capable of carrying different numbers of tickets.

Small drums hold anywhere up to 2,000 tickets, while bigger versions can carry up to a massive 20,000. Whatever the size of your game, there’s a drum to fit your needs.

Allied has been keeping bingo enthusiasts in equipment since 1979. Visit us online today; we also stock promotional wheels and bingo cages, as well as paper, daubers and novelty accessories.


Pick up quality raffle boxes at Allied

25 06 2012

Allied Bingo Supplies has been at the top of the bingo business since 1979. We’re committed to product quality and five-star customer service.

Allied raffle boxes

Our raffle boxes and drums are available in eight different sizes, including small, medium, large and extra large. Small drums hold just 2500 tickets, where a giant model will hold up to 20,000.

And while you’re with us, don’t forget to pick up a few rolls of raffle tickets. They’re not included in the price of a drum. You can also check out our bingo cages and promotional wheels.

Raffle boxes and much more

Whatever bingo supplies you’re looking for, Allied is your one-stop shop. As well as raffle boxes we’ve got bingo daubers, bingo cards, bingo paper and electronic machines in our online catalogue, as well as extensive novelty accessories such as cushions, bags, mugs and T-shirts. The best part? We ship almost every order the same day.

No matter what your bingo needs, call Allied on 1800 373 1941 today.

Raffle boxes for your next charity games event

11 05 2012

We challenge you to think of a better way to rally folks for a charity evening than with a raffle. It adds excitement to any fundraising event, while encouraging patrons to dig deep for a worthy cause.

Plus, there’s always the opportunity for donors to gain something in return – other than the warm glow that comes from a good deed, of course.

The ins and outs of raffle boxes

If you’re planning to hold a raffle, the following tips will help to make your fundraising evening a success:

  • Be honest: are your prizes worth winning? People won’t enter if the contest holds no appeal.
  • Choose carefully from Allied Bingo’s selection of raffle boxes. They come in a variety of sizes, so there’s no excuse for buying one that won’t fit all the tickets you’re sure to sell.
  • Draw the winners in plain view. It’s important all entrants know your raffle is completely honest.

Purchasing your raffle boxes

At Allied Bingo, we have raffle boxes that hold 2,500 tickets, and those that hold 25,000 tickets – obviously the size between the two differs greatly. Consider both the practicalities of your venue and the scale of your charity event before you make your purchase.