Purchasing your next bingo cage from Allied Bingo

26 07 2012

Allied Bingo boasts everything you need to enjoy the fantastic game of bingo, whether yours is a casual or commercial event.

Our broad selection of bingos daubers, paper, balls and master boards are all available at wholesale prices. Plus, pick up a Bingo cage in the right size, whether you’re playing in a large hall or intimate party.

Place your bingo cage order today

Allied Bingo’s complete collection of cages and accessories is available online. Search for a Bingo cage by size including all-in-one sets:

  • Mini Bingo. The small cage is easy to use. It offers a smooth action and excellent portability, making it ideal for informal sessions.
  • Party Bingo. Party by name, party by nature. The Party Bingo set is both entertaining and funky.
  • Table Top Bingo. If your cage is likely to get a lot of use, the Table Top Bingo may be just the ticket. It’s a durable, all-metal construction.

All cage sets come complete with master boards and balls.

Visit Allied Bingo for your next bingo cage

For any questions or queries, don’t hesitate to contact a member of the Allied Bingo customer service team. We’re available toll free at 1-800-373-1941 and can offer you expert assistance whether you’re looking for wholesale supplies or a gift.


Purchase your next bingo cage from Allied Bingo

3 07 2012

Regardless of whether you host bingo events for friends, or on a larger scale for financial gain, Allied Bingo stocks all the bingo-related products you could possibly need to make your evening a resounding success. Our popular items include:

  • Bingo balls
  • Bingo paper
  • Master boards
  • And multiple-sized bingo cage

All Allied Bingo products are competitively priced and built to last.

Choosing a bingo cage from Allied Bingo

You’ll find our complete catalog of bingo cages online. We cater to both small and large events, as well as all-in-one sets.

  • If you prefer your bingo in an intimate, informal setting, opt for a Mini Bingo cage. It’s easy to use and comes with a smooth action.
  • If you like your bingo lively, you can’t go past Allied Bingo’s Party Bingo pack.
  • If you run a regular bingo night, the Table Top Bingo cage is for you. It includes an all-metal cage that’s durable and impressive.

For all your bingo cage requirements

If you have any questions before making your next purchase from Allied Bingo, don’t hesitate to contact a member of the team at 1-800-373-1941. First-rate customer service is our priority.

Allied Bingo’s bingo cage in multiple sizes

25 05 2012

Whether your next bingo night is for fun with friends or a commercial event, Allied Bingo can provide the bingo balls, paper, master board and bingo cage you need.

We’re the one-stop shop for bingo enthusiasts. Our products are well made and well priced.

Buy your bingo cage from Allied Bingo

Our complete catalog of bingo cages and accessories is available online. If you require the essentials, you may even consider purchasing an all-in-one set. We offer:

  • Mini Bingo – Complete with a small bingo cage that’s easy to use with a smooth action. This kit is ideal for intimate, informal sessions
  • Party Bingo – Lively bingo enthusiasts will enjoy the fun, entertaining Party Bingo pack
  • Table Top Bingo – If your bingo      equipment’s likely to get a regular workout, the Table Top Bingo pack’s      for you. It features an all-metal cage for players that take the game      seriously and want to look the part

Allied Bingo for all your bingo cage needs

If you have any questions, don’t be shy – contact the Allied Bingo team toll-free at 1-800-373-1941. We pride ourselves on offering first-rate customer service.

Get yourself a high-quality Bingo cage today

18 04 2012

Looking for the perfect Bingo cage? Head on over to Allied Bingo and check out our fantastic selection of top-quality Bingo cages, balls, and master boards. If you want to find the ideal companion for your game – whether you’re playing a large room or at a cozy little party – Allied Bingo has you covered.

Allied Bingo: the only place to buy your Bingo cage

Head over to our website to view our complete collection of Bingo cages and accessories. We’re only interested in keeping Bingo players happy, which is why we stock a variety of Bingo sets including:

  • Mini Bingo – this cage is small, easy to use and has a smooth action, making it perfect for informal sessions
  • Party Bingo – fun and entertaining for all Bingo enthusiasts who love a funky game
  • Table Top Bingo – a durable and high-use Bingo      cage with an all-metal construction. Specifically designed for the      professional player who likes to play in style

All our Bingo cages are supplied with master boards and Bingo balls, so you can easily keep your game in check.

Need a Bingo cage? Pay a visit to Allied Bingo

Got any queries or questions? Call toll-free at 1-800-373-1941. Customer service is our number-one priority; whether you’re buying your own Bingo supplies or looking for a gift, we’re always happy to help.

Allied Bingo: looking for the right Bingo cage?

30 03 2012

Need a high quality, durable Bingo cage at a great price? Whether you’re interested in home Bingo cages, party Bingo cages, or professional Bingo cages, Allied Bingo has got just what you’re looking for.

Get your Bingo cage and much more at Allied Bingo

As well as picking out the perfect Bingo cage, when you shop with Allied Bingo, you’ll find everything you need to put your Bingo game on the map. We carry a huge selection of Bingo accessories including:

  • Bingo balls
  • Bingo daubers/markers
  • Bingo paper
  • Bingo cards
  • Bingo chips and wands
  • Bingo bags and cushions

Allied Bingo: the premier Bingo cage company

Take a look at Allied Bingo’s selection of Bingo supplies. We’ve everything the enthusiastic Bingo player needs. Contact us via our website or check out our fantastic selection in our easy-to-browse catalog. Allied Bingo: we’ll take care of the Bingo supplies; you bring the fun.