Bingo balls, daubers and paper from Allied Bingo

7 08 2012

Try something new for your next party. Hosting your own bingo night is guaranteed fun and a charming alternative to the usual sit-down dinner party or casual drinks.

Bingo balls and more

Believe it or not, you don’t need to stock up on a lot of equipment before hosting your own bingo evening. Plus, the items you do need can be secured quickly and inexpensively at Allied Bingo.

First item on your list: bingo daubers and paper. Next: bingo balls and a bag or cage.

Team your bingo balls with a bag or cage

Chances are you’ll only want to invest in a bingo cage if you plan to make a regular event out of your bingo evening. If not, simply select your bingo balls from a regular bag.

Alternatively, we offer affordable all-in-one mini sets for amateur nights. They include:

  • Reusable cards
  • Counters
  • Mini cages

We’re confident that you and your guests will have such a great time your bingo nights will soon become a regular event. Questions? Contact a member of the Allied Bingo team toll free at 1-800-373-1941.


Buying bingo balls for your home game

26 06 2012

Running a game of bingo from your home is a great way to get to know the neighbors. Invite everyone on your block to your house for a night of fun and games at minimal expense.

What you need: bingo balls, cards and daubers

To make your bingo game a success, you’ll need to buy a few items. While you can get by without investing in a bingo cage or other expensive items, spending a little money will greatly enhance your night.

What you’ll need:

  • Bingo balls: Placed into a hat or bag, you’ll be able to draw the balls fairly during your game. Using real balls will give your game an authentic feel.
  • Daubers: While you could just use pens, daubers will give you the real bingo experience.
  • Bingo cards: These inexpensive slips of paper will form the foundation of your game. You can buy them in bulk online.

Once you’ve ordered your bingo balls, cards and daubers

After you’ve placed your order for bingo balls and other accessories, you can get to work making preparations for your big day.

Allied Bingo for all your needs including bingo balls, daubers and paper

22 05 2012

Would you like your next party to offer something a little different? Then consider hosting your very own night of bingo fun. It can be a refreshing change from the usual drinks or sit-down dinners.

Bingo balls and other accessories

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a lot of equipment to host a successful bingo night. And the essentials you do need can be easily, inexpensively sourced from Allied Bingo.

First things first: your guests will each need daubers and paper. As the organizer, you will need bingo balls.

Bingo balls minus a bingo cage

If you wish to make a regular evening of it you may even consider purchasing a bingo cage. However, this isn’t essential. For a one-off event simply pick the bingo balls out of a bag.

For smaller gatherings, Allied Bingo offers all-in-one mini sets complete with reusable cards, counters and even mini cages. We’re confident your party will have such a good time, your bingo nights will soon be a regular event in their social calendar.

For any questions regarding Allied Bingo’s products, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team on toll free 1-800-373-1941.

Bingo balls, cards and daubers

10 04 2012

Try something a little different at your next social gathering. Invite your friends around for a night of fantastic bingo fun.

If you’re bored of the same old drinks parties and sit down meals, a bingo night can be a refreshing change.

Allied Bingo: Bingo balls and more

Surprisingly, you don’t actually need a great deal of equipment to host your own night of bingo. There are a few essentials though, and these can be picked up cheaply at Allied Bingo.

You’ll need bingo balls, cards and daubers for your guests. If you’re planning on making it a regular event, you may also want to buy a bingo cage to give the night that authentic bingo hall atmosphere.

 Using bingo balls without a cage

Although a bingo cage is useful, you may not wish to buy one for the purposes of one night’s entertainment. Simply pick the bingo balls out of a bag if you’d prefer.

Alternatively, we have some amazing mini sets designed especially for parties. These come complete with reusable cards, counters and mini cages – everything you need!

Allied Bingo – Bingo balls and so much more

27 03 2012

The game of Bingo has come a long way since it was popularized at carnivals in the early 20th century. That’s where Allied Bingo comes in. We supply everything you need to get your game on. From Bingo balls and Bingo paper to Bingo cages and Bingo markers, we’re got it all.

Allied Bingo – try us first for Bingo balls

Looking for a reliable supplier of Bingo balls? Here at Allied Bingo, we carry a wide selection of different ball types, including:

  • 7/8″ plastic Bingo Balls
  • Huntar Bingo Balls – multicolored and perfect for camera use
  • 7/8″ wooden balls – just like the traditional version
  • Solid multi-colored Bingo balls
  • Samson Bingo Balls – the most durable ball in use today
  • Raffle Bingo      Balls

Our Bingo balls vary in color and price; check out our easy-to-browse catalog online to find the perfect fit for your business. We guarantee that you’ll see something you like.

Your first stop for Bingo balls

Interested? Contact us via our website and take a look at our extensive range of Bingo goodies. Want some more assistance? Call us toll-free on 1-800-373-1941 or request a catalog for more information about our product selection. Allied Bingo: we’re here to help.