Bingo bags by Allied Bingo

2 08 2012

Are you getting serious about your bingo? It’s easy to do. In addition to the fun you can have, there’s a great sense of community at most events and you could even win big.

To make sure you look the part of a seasoned bingo enthusiast, stock up on markers and other equipment. Plus, bingo bags to keep them safe, of course.

A long evening of sitting on unforgiving bingo seats can break your concentration. Fortunately, our bingo bags come complete with comfy seat cushions.

Purchasing bingo bags from Allied Bingo

Allied Bingo offers a selection of sturdy bags, whatever your preferred style. They include fun patterns that will never get lost in even the largest bingo hall.

Constructed from high-grade, durable materials and built to last and last, your bags will be with you for many seasons.

Choosing bingo bags

Choose from flag patterns or even Betty Boop. Alternatively, order a custom design.

Contact a member of the Allied Bingo team today at 1-800-373-1941 to learn more.


Buying new bingo bags online

27 06 2012

Allied Bingo specializes in all things bingo. We have a range of bingo bags to please everyone who loves the game.

Visit our site and choose your favorite bingo bag. They come complete with a matching bingo cushion, and are strikingly designed.

Why should I buy  bingo bags?

If you don’t already have a bingo bag and cushion, you’re missing out. Bingo bags allow you to keep your equipment safe and organized.

You’ll wonder how you ever managed without a cushion once you’ve tried it. Play your bingo in comfort wherever you are.

Where to buy bingo bags online

Allied Bingo is the best place to buy your new bag. We won’t be beaten on price, and take customer service seriously.

We know the best way to keep our customers coming back is to offer them an unrivalled shopping experience. We’re a family run business, and will do everything we can to make sure you’re delighted with your purchases.

Accessorize your game with Allied Bingo’s bingo bags

24 05 2012

If you take your bingo seriously, chances are you’ll want a bingo bag that looks the part. In addition to signaling to other players that you know your stuff, it’s also a convenient way to carry your daubers and other equipment.

If you have a long night of bingo ahead, it’s important that you are able to relax. Allied Bingo’s bingo bags come complete with seat cushions so you can sit for the duration without any discomfort.

Buying bingo bags from Allied Bingo

Allied Bingo’s bingo bags come in a number of colors and designs. With our fun patterns, you’ll be the buzz of the bingo hall.

High-grade materials and quality construction means our bags and cushions will last for years to come. Whether you opt for patriotic red, white and blue, or even Betty Boop, we can ensure you’ll enjoy the game in style.

For any questions regarding Allied Bingo’s online catalog, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team toll-free at 1-800-373-1941.

Choosing bingo bags

9 04 2012

If you’re serious about bingo, you’re going to want your own bingo bag. Not only will you look the part, you’ll also be able to comfortably carry all your markers and equipment with you to the bingo hall.

Once you arrive at your event, you’ll want a comfy seat to sit on while playing. Our bags come with seat cushions so you can sit happily for hours.

Buying bingo bags

At Allied Bingo, you’ll be able to choose the perfect bingo bags for you. Our stylishly-designed bags and cushions are decorated with fun patterns that will be the talk of the bingo room.

Made from high-grade material and built to last, these bags and cushions will keep you happy for years to come.

What bingo bags are available?

Our bingo bags and cushions come in a variety of styles. Whether you opt for the colors of the flag, or even a Betty Boop pattern, you’ll be able to sit back in style at the bingo hall.

We can also offer custom designs, so get in touch if you have a specific, personalized pattern in mind.

Interested in Bingo bags and cushions? Try Allied Bingo

21 03 2012

Looking for brand new Bingo bags and cushions? Allied Bingo has just what you need. Our products come in a variety of colors and designs to suit every taste. Have something specific in mind? We offer custom printing – call us on 1-800-373-1941 to discuss your requirements.

High quality Bingo bags and cushions

Our cushions are made with extra thick foam; this ensures comfort while you play. Secure the cushion to your chair using the supplied Velcro wrap and you’ll be ready for action.

Allied Bingo carries draw string Bingo bags with room for ten Bingo daubers. We also supply a small chip purse so that you can keep your valuables and playing materials safe in style.

Our designs include Jungle Betty Boop, Betty Boop Wild Bingo, Betty Boop Bingo Fever, Eagle and Flag, and a Patriotic USA flag motif.

Order your Bingo bags and cushions from Allied Bingo

Are you ready to order? Our catalog is easy to browse and our prices always low. Contact us via our website with any queries or questions. Allied Bingo is the supplier for all your Bingo needs.