Get stocked up on bingo paper online

10 09 2012

Allied Bingo has been in the business of keeping customers fully-stocked with bingo equipment for over three decades. We guarantee ours are some of the finest products the industry has to offer, and our customer service is second to none.

Whether yours is a small gaming operation or you’re running a commercial bingo hall, we can help things run smoothly.

Bingo paper and other supplies


Check out our online catalog and find bingo daubers, machines, balls and much more.

Our bingo paper selections are top-notch. We offer a variety of styles, colors and cuts designed to suit any bingo game.


Our paper is by Unimax and is designed to help prevent players cheating. As it has only one common serial number, players cannot bring in paper from other games. Verification is easy too; books are consecutively numbered and packed.

Alongside our selection of equipment, we also stock accessories such as t-shirts, bags, keychains, aprons and gift baskets.


Satisfy your need for wholesale bingo supplies online

8 09 2012

Allied Bingo has provided wholesale bingo supplies to games across America since 1979.


Are you a bingo professional? Chances are you’re running a number of games a week, maybe even more than one a day. Allied Bingo works with bingo programs of all shapes and sizes – we’ve got the combination of equipment and expertise to keep your game running smoothly.


Of course, novices aren’t left out. We can help you build your game from the ground up, educating you about the rules of the game and even teaching you the right way to use your equipment.


Our catalog of wholesale bingo supplies


At Allied Bingo, we’ve got everything you need for a great game. Our online catalog includes:


  • Bingo machines
  • ·         Daubers
  • ·         Paper
  • ·         Bingo balls
  • ·         Raffle drums


As well as equipment, we offer refurbishment and servicing schemes. Got a problem with your bingo machine? Let us know and we’ll have it corrected for you as soon as possible. We also carry a selection of replacement parts, so fixing equipment that’s been damaged is a piece of cake.


Contact Allied at 1-800-373-1941 for more information, or fill out our online form.

Drum up support for your bingo game with Allied raffle boxes

6 09 2012

Whether you’re new to the beautiful game of bingo or a long-standing professional, Allied Bingo Supplies has all the products and equipment you need. Our team can educate you on the rules, help you set up a new game, and even assist in training your staff on the use of electronic equipment such as bingo machines.

Choosing raffle boxes

Raffle boxes are a key component of any bingo game. The Allied catalog carries a selection of models, with a total of eight sizes available. Each is capable of carrying different numbers of tickets.

Small drums hold anywhere up to 2,000 tickets, while bigger versions can carry up to a massive 20,000. Whatever the size of your game, there’s a drum to fit your needs.

Allied has been keeping bingo enthusiasts in equipment since 1979. Visit us online today; we also stock promotional wheels and bingo cages, as well as paper, daubers and novelty accessories.

Get winning bingo supplies at Allied

4 09 2012

Allied Bingo Supplies has been supplying fans of the game with the best-quality equipment since 1979. A family-run company, we take pride in everything we do and make sure every product in our catalog is the best the industry has to offer.

Customer satisfaction is essential to us, too; choose Allied for all your bingo supply needs and you’ll get fantastic service every time.

Bingo supplies for everyone

Our three decades’ experience means we can deal with any bingo game, from tiny bar get-together’s to commercial halls playing more than ten games a week. Whether yours is just getting off the ground or long-established, we can help you get fully stocked.

Allied also offers training and development, helping you learn more about bingo and its rules. We’ll even teach staff the correct way to use equipment. Work with us and we guarantee your game will be a success.

Contact Allied today; call us at 1-800-373-1941 or fill in the online contact form.