Learning the game is easy using bingo cards

30 08 2012

Did you know that bingo is almost 500 years old? The game got its start in Italy back in the 1500s, under the slightly trickier title of “Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia.” It’s also been used as an educational tool, played with dried beans and across the world.

Getting started – bingo cards

Now that you’re convinced you want to play bingo, it’s time to get abreast of the rules. In the US, the game is played using bingo cards. These are flat squares of paper or card marked with randomly-spaced numbers. Mark off your numbers and that’s it – you’re a winner.

Buying your own bingo cards

Once you’re a bona-fide bingo expert, why not set up your own game? Game cards and all related paraphernalia are easily available online. Choose the right supplier and you’ll have guaranteed easy access to everything you could possibly need for a great night of gaming.


A Guide to choosing bingo sheets

28 08 2012

If you’re a bingo enthusiast looking to kick start your own game, there are a lot of things to consider. First up is looking the part; choose the right equipment and your brand-new bingo community will stand out from the get-go.


Making decisions about such things as bingo sheets isn’t always as easy as it sounds – your choice will be informed by the shape you want your game to take.


Unimax versus U-Pick-Em bingo sheets


If easy verification is your thing, Unimax is what you’re looking for. As every sheet has a unique serial number, you need never worry about unscrupulous players bringing in old paper or even sheets from a completely different supplier.


Then there’s U-Pick-Em, where your players can get involved in the outcome of their own game by personally choosing their numbers. Add it to your bingo repertoire and discover just how fun it can be.


Bingo sheets – quality as well as quantity


Don’t be tempted to just go for the cheapest option; top-drawer bingo suppliers such as Allied will offer you the finest quality paper at great value prices. Quality is just as important as quantity; buy the best to be the best.

Purchasing The Right Bingo Equipment

23 08 2012

Allied Bingo is owned and operated by keen bingo enthusiasts. That’s why we love nothing more than helping our customers to set up a new bingo event. Whether you need over-the-phone advice, or more intensive tutelage, we’re on hand to guide you in any way we can.

You’ll find all the bingo equipment you could possibly need in the Allied Bingo online catalog. The right products will set you on the path to a successful bingo evening – the first on many, we’d wager.

Bingo equipment and event hosting

There are top things no bingo event can do without: bingo equipment and a venue.

It’s entirely up to you whether you splash out on number callers and electronic equipment, or opt for wholesale bingo cards, daubers and other traditional items. Whatever you choose, you’ll find it at Allied Bingo.

When it comes to hosting the event, size will likely dictate your choice in venues. If yours is an intimate affair you may decide to host it in your home. If you’re running a commercial bingo evening, be sure to factor venue hire fees into your financial workings.

After you’ve purchased your bingo equipment

Once you’ve secured your bingo goods, all that’s left to do is enjoy your night. Allied Bingo’s confident it won’t be your last.

Purchase a Bingo Machine From Allied Bingo

21 08 2012

Allied Bingo is a family owned and operated business. With over 30 years’ experience, our love for and understanding of the game can be seen in every product we sell and each service we provide.

We’re confident that our selection is the broadest in the industry, and that we won’t be beaten on customer service.

Allied Bingo’s bingo machine

Whether you’re running an intimate bingo evening, or a large-scale commercial event, Allied Bingo offers the know-how, accessories and equipment to make it a success you’ll want to repeat time and time again.

Are you relatively new to the game of bingo? In that case we’ll be happy to help you devise your program and train you on your new bingo machine.

With Allied Bingo’s help your bingo night’s guaranteed to run smoothly.

Servicing your bingo machine

Allied Bingo stocks only premium bingo machine equipment and other accessories. Plus, if you need a machine on a budget, speak to a member of our team about our professionally refurbished selection.

Allied Bingo’s wholesale bingo supplies

16 08 2012

Whatever your gaming needs, Allied Bingo has wholesale bingo supplies to meet your requirements. Whether you’re running your own event or accessorizing for your own personal use, Allied Bingo is your one-stop shop.

Wholesale bingo supplies and more

Bingo fans will think they’ve died and gone to heaven when they visit the Allied Bingo website. Run by bingo enthusiasts for bingo enthusiasts, our equipment is first rate and our prices are fiercely competitive. We’re also a family owned and run business that prides itself on offering unbeatable customer service.

Our wholesale bingo supplies including daubers, sheets and accessories

Our website features our complete catalog of wholesale bingo supplies including:

  • Daubers
  • Sheets
  • Accessories
  • Starter packs
  • Bingo cages
  • Bags and cushions

And more.

Buy bingo equipment online from Allied Bingo. Questions? Contact a member of the team today toll free at 1-800-373-1941.

Allied Bingo’s roll raffle tickets

14 08 2012

Whether you’re preparing for your first fundraising event or your 50th, Allied Bingo can ensure you have all the equipment you need.

For starters, our roll raffle tickets are available in doubles and singles. In addition to utilizing them as raffle tickets, use them as admission tickets and purchase tickets.

Roll raffle tickets in multiple colors

Make your event stand out from the crowd with Allied Bingo’s eye-catching roll raffle tickets. Plus, by color-coding each activity you can easily identify who has entered what.

Roll raffle tickets and more

Once your tickets are sorted, ensure you’ve sourced prizes with broad appeal. Remember: if people want the prize, they’re more likely to enter.

If you need to purchase a new raffle drum especially for the event, Allied Bingo is home to a selection that fits anywhere from 2,500 tickets to 20,000.

For questions regarding any of our raffle products, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the Allied Bingo team toll free at 1-800-373-1941.

Win big with an Allied Bingo bingo bag

9 08 2012

If you’re new to bingo, you’re guaranteed to have a great time. It’s a game focused on fun.

If you’re planning to make a habit of playing, you’ll benefit from picking up a number of essentials ahead of your next event, such as a bingo bag complete with cushion and a selection of daubers.

Bingo bag and other equipment

Buy investing in a bingo bag you’re more likely to keep your game essentials, plus winnings, safe and sound. The cushion also offers comfort, keeping you focused throughout a long night of bingo fun.

Filling your bingo bag

Allied Bingo is home to bingo accessories, whether you’re a beginner or advanced player, or even a wholesale operation. Do you have commercial bingo equipment that would benefit from a tune up ahead of your next event? Allied Bingo can help.

Call a member of our customer service team toll free at 1-800-373-1941, whatever your bingo needs.